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Chameleon still does not parse SMBIOS.PLIST SMmemory Keys & Strings

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Like many new utrabooks and laptops Sony in their infinite wisdom solders the first 4 gigabytes of RAM onto the motherboard. As such Chameleon is unable to correctly identify the RAM (bespoke Sony SPD ?) resulting in OSX having no information on the systems memory. This causes some OSX problems, most notable, it’s impossible to run ‘About this Mac’ as the RAM info is missing/corrupt and causes the desktop/finder to restart, also diagnostic utilities such as System information fail to report any memory information.

Selecting 'Memory Information' from Chameleon's boot-loader GUI causes a crash/reboot.

The fix should be very easy in that we can add the memory information into smbios.plist so that the Chameleon can inject it, indeed Chameleon Wizard makes it easy to add this info to the SMBIOS plist, so after editing i have the following SMmemory keys in my SMBIOS.PLIST

--- Code: --- <key>SMmemmanufacturer_1</key>

--- End code ---

This used to work, however for quite a few versions of Chameleon now, it would appear that it no longer parse's the SMmemory keys in smbios.plist, every time a new version of Chameleon is released i give it a go but so far the problem remains.

This issue was raised many months ago  (#122)  ...

and more recently here (327) ...

I believe that the problem lies in the nested 'if' conditions at line 469-479 of smbios.c

If i read the code right the conditional statements are stopping the code from parsing the SMmemory keys in smbios.plist, removing the ‘if’ condition(s) would resolve the issue (I think) but that conditional code must have been put there for a reason.....

I know i'm not alone with this issue and its been around for a while now, I will be happy to beta test a release candidate and i'd really appreciate if the developers could take a look at this and implement a fix in the next release.

Thanks for all your hard work guys


Gringo Vermelho:
Your SMMemspeed value is wrong, one zero too many.

I discovered today that Chameleon 2.2 r2266 freezes my PC as well when selecting memory information in the boot GUI. I don't have any memory overrides in smbios.plist though.

Asus P8Z77-V Pro mobo with i5-3570K CPU and 2x4GB G-Skill DDR3 @ 1923 MHz

I had the same problem with my vaio S12. I ended by modifying chameleon source (r2266) and fixed my problem. If you want I can give you my boot file so you can try it out.

- Karas


Hi Karas,

Thanks for your post, Yes i'd like to give your build a go, I havant had time yet to look in to modifying the source and set it up as a xcode project. Can you please let me know what you changed ?, was it the conditional logic around lines 469-479 ?. If so then we need to let the devs know so this bug can be finally put to rest.


Ok I attached my boot file, make a backup of yours (just in case), reboot and pass chameleon the following option: ForceFullMemInfo=Yes (it's a custom option I added so that I could choose when to enable it). Than check About this mac and memory info in System Information.
No, for me those lines weren't the problem, actually they are working fine. The problem for me was that the memory table inside smbios was too small to contain memory information. Let's see if my fix works for you, in that case I'll explain in details what exactly I did :).

- Karas


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