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Trying to compile Latest Chameleon on osx mavericks



I am trying to have a go at resolving the issue with Chameleon not parsing SMmemmry keys in SMBIOS, i posted the bug report here: -,5922.0.html

and here:-

I thought i'd have a go at trying to fix the issue my self, i have Xcode 5.0.2 installed as well as the xcode command line utils download from the apple developers resource.

I fetched the Chameleon sources using :-

--- Code: ---svn co
--- End code ---

Which completed correctly

How ever I think there must be something amiss with my build environment.

If i try to execute 'make clean' or even just 'make' i get errors ?

--- Code: ---jays-monkeypro:trunk Jay$ ls
APPLE_LICENSE Cconfig Make.rules TODO i386
BLOCKERS Chameleon.xcodeproj Makefile artwork package
CHANGES GPL_V2_LICENSE README coding_standards.txt version
jays-monkeypro:trunk Jay$ make clean
Making clean in i386
Makefile:16: /Users/Jay/Documents/OSX: No such file or directory
Makefile:16: /Users/Jay/Documents/OSX: No such file or directory
Makefile:16: Sources/chameleon/chameleon/trunk/i386/Sources/chameleon/chameleon/trunk/Make.rules: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.
make: *** [clean-recursive] Error 1
jays-monkeypro:trunk Jay$ make
make: *** No rule to make target `Sources/chameleon/chameleon/trunk/version', needed by `/Users/Jay/Documents/OSX'.  Stop.
jays-monkeypro:trunk Jay$

--- End code ---

What am i missing ?

I can successfully build projects from my GitHub repository using Xcode fine ?

I'm not that familiar with the SVN system so please bar with me, I assume that the version of SVN that ships with OSX Mavericks is ok to use to build Chameleon with ? and I would think that the Makefile is correct so what am i doing wrong ?

SVN is obviously installed and working as it fetched the Chameleon sources ok and the following:-

--- Code: ---jays-monkeypro:/ Jay$ which svn
jays-monkeypro:/ Jay$
--- End code ---

Any help or pointers greatly appreciated,


Gringo Vermelho:
SVN doesn't ship with Mavericks, it got installed when you installed the command line tools. I have Xcode 5.01 and downloading/compiling Chameleon from SVN works for me, it could be an incompatibility with xcode 5.02 but even then I think something else is wrong, there are a few things in your post that are very confusing.

Your paths are screwed up somehow, there's a weird circular reference happening here:

"Sources/chameleon/chameleon/trunk/i386/Sources/chameleon/chameleon/trunk/Make.rules: No such file or directory"

And why does it ask for a file at ~/Documents/OSX...? That's outside the folder hierarchy. It doesn't make sense:

"No rule to make target `Sources/chameleon/chameleon/trunk/version', needed by `/Users/Jay/Documents/OSX'"

Did you modify the makefile? Try deleting the makefile, also delete the one in the i386 folder, then do svn update.

Also, looking at your directory listing, you are missing several files and folders:
Keymaps (folder)

@Gringo Vermelho

Thanks for your reply,

I don't really understand what is going on with this build environment, so i gave up on my desktop system.

I installed Xcode 5.0.1 on my Laptop and installed the command line utilities both from Apple Developer site.
Then fetched the chameleon sources using the same svn command :-

--- Code: ---svn co
--- End code ---

However it has the same structure (missing files & folders).

When I try to compile I get the same errors as i did on my desktop system ?

--- Code: ---jaysmonybookpro:Coding Projects Jay$ cd chameleon
jaysmonybookpro:chameleon Jay$ cd trunk
jaysmonybookpro:trunk Jay$ ls
APPLE_LICENSE MEMTEST86_LICENSE coding_standards.txt
BLOCKERS Make.rules doc
CHANGES Makefile i386
Cconfig README.translators version
Chameleon.xcodeproj TODO
GPL_V2_LICENSE artwork
jaysmonybookpro:trunk Jay$ make clear
make: *** No rule to make target `clear'.  Stop.
jaysmonybookpro:trunk Jay$ make
make: *** No rule to make target `Projects/chameleon/trunk/version', needed by `/Users/Jay/Documents/Coding'.  Stop.
jaysmonybookpro:trunk Jay$
--- End code ---

As you can see I created a folder called 'Coding Projects' in my Documents folder and downloaded the chameleon sources in to that so the full path to my trunk build is :-

--- Code: ---/users/jay/documents/coding projects/chameleon/trunk
--- End code ---

Is there some where specific i got to use ?, I didn't think there was and all my GitHub based projects compile fine within that path
This is driving me up the wall, i know what i need to change to fix the problem but can't compile the bloody thing.

I haven't modified the makefile in any way, and i tried deleting the makefile in /trunk and /trunk/i386 and did a svn update which re-fetched the makefiles but issue remains ?

Any other thoughts ?

Gringo Vermelho:
Ah I think I got it, it's probably the space between coding and projects.

Try using a path without any spaces for svn....or figure out how to use a path with spaces...

@Gringo Vermelho

Good spot .....

I removed all the spaces from my source paths and it works (on both machines)
I think it might be something to do with the svn makefiles, as i have xcode-projects in the same path(s) and they compile fine ..... ?

Never mind ....  guess i'll put that one down to experience .... can get to work now.

Thanks for your help


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