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Microsoft Hyper-V


The new Hyper-V by microsoft supports EFI. But i can't to install Maverick directly and can't run Chameleon loader from SCSI drive...
Will be great, if Chameleon can to run from SCSI drive.
if it's not in the loader, it would be desirable another way to install OS X on a hyper-v.
Thank you!

Gringo Vermelho:
Chameleon is legacy mode only, if you want to UEFI boot, use Clover.

SCSI does not make any difference to Chameleon, SCSI is the language used by the hardware to communicate, it has no bearing on the filesystem and what software you can or cannot install.

i run Clover on VM, but which next step is?

Gringo Vermelho:
This is the Chameleon forum, please don't ask questions about Clover here.

Go to ProjectOSX or InsanelyMac.


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