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Want to spawn branch in repo, what am I missing?

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Bit Shoveler:
I'm an experienced C++ developer and long time Hackintosher who wants to start hacking on Chameleon. I'm very familiar with svn etiquette on collaborative projects. I have no intention of committing anything to trunk until someone else reviews it.

I created an account on forge, but it won't let me 'svn cp' to spawn a branch:

--- Code: ---hackintosh_eth0:branches chucko$ svn --username bitshoveler cp -m 'Creating branch for my experiments, starting from current trunk'
Authentication realm: <> Subversion Repository
Password for 'bitshoveler':
svn: E175013: Access to '/svn/chameleon/!svn/act/a301026e-4c36-4950-af2b-34777b5de695' forbidden
hackintosh_eth0:branches chucko$

--- End code ---

What do I need to do to create this branch? Or do I need someone else to create it for me? Thanks in advance.

Gringo Vermelho:
Try irc://

Not sure if there's still activity or not...but it's something.

Bit Shoveler:
Will do. Thanks GV.

Hi guys.
@Bit Shoveler

I can add you to the Chameleon Team with write access, as I'm one of the admin project.

Just a reminder.. Your nick is bitshoveler ?


Gringo Vermelho:
It's nice to see Chameleon still getting some dev attention, I've been worried for a while that it might be dying.

Fabio, is it okay with you if I send you a PM if someone should ask for access again?

Are you the boss now? lol


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