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chameleon as an independent Bootloader on serparate pyshical disc


As a dual-booter and hackintosh user i find the need for simplification of my system maintenance a paramount requirement.
something that i thought was a disapointment to me when installing my first chameleon install was that i couldn't install it on a separate disc.

If you were given the option upon something like a unibeast installation to first install the bootloader on a flashdrive (fixed in position) there would be the option to offload the the rest of the OS installs to the bootloader. Hopefully creating a safer and easier dual-booting process.

For me it would be the option to hot-swap OS's and treat the computer as a piece of hardware with a small thumbdrive taking a ride along to serve as the bootloader.

Hopefully this a possibility and the rest of the development falls in to line with this pleasurable graphical bootloader.

Gringo Vermelho:
Chameleon can be installed to flash drives, CDs and hard drives other than your OS drive(s).


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