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ALC272 hdmi audio


hi to all

in my notebook (packard bell tm85 223 it - i3 370 - 4gb ram 1333 - nvidia geforce Gt420M 1gb vram - ssd 128gb - audio Alc272 - clover - gpt - maverick 10.9.2) all is working, fast and smooth, also audio and hdmi output. but there's a strange issue: voodoohda 2.8.4 give me 4 (!!) hdmi output but of course i've only one, and of course just only one of these is running, the others 3 are inconsistent. i'm not using a dsdt because clover give me the 2/3 one click solutions for my system. there's a way to delete the other 3 ports from the list and - eventually - give an automatic switch to tv when hdmi audio is connected (like in win?) ??


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