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I make a Theme Randomizer script for myself and I think it can be useful for some people who wants to have a new BootLoader Theme each Boot .
Step 1

First, download the link is in the bottom . Go to /Extra/Themes and extract the file and put them in Themes Folder . Open launch and you will see this line :
./ThemeRandomizer PUT_HERE_HOW_MUCH_THEME_YOU_HAVE , instead of PUT_HERE_HOW_MUCH_THEME_YOU_HAVE set how much theme you have if you have 5 themes set 5 , if you have 4 theme set 4 .. The limits of Theme is 10 .

Step 2

Rename the folder of each Theme like Theme1 , Theme2 , Theme3 etc ..
THE FIRST THEME MUST BE CALLED :  Theme1 , don't forget the uppercase in the T .
Go to Extra folder and modify your org.chameleon.Boot , and set the Key Theme like that :

Step 3

In the end we have to launch the screen on system start so you have to go in SystemPreferences go to Account and now click in LoginItem and you just have to drag and drop launch in the LoginItem window .
That's all Enjoy :)

If that doesn't work it's surely because you don't have sudo access so you have to go in etc and modify sudoers file ,you have to add this line :
username ALL = NOPASSWD: /bin/launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ssh.plist
Instead of username just set your Username . And you have to use the Package called

I think it should also work in Windows OS

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