Author Topic: What is this? Why is my thread here?  (Read 10204 times)

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What is this? Why is my thread here?
« on: January 10, 2010, 01:57:17 AM »
The Black Hole is a special category for topics that would previously get locked/deleted in a specific sub-forum. Reason for this is twofold:
  • keep the forum clean quickly and
  • give a chance to the OP to review his/her description and compare it against our simple rules.

Good ol' plain logic still applies:
  • No single member of the team has all the answers, you are expected to do your own research.
  • Everything here is volunteer and based on kindness. Other moods or attitudes are better saved for elsewhere.
  • Help us help you & have fun

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Stop bitching, start coding or documenting or both..

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