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Duel-Boot Question


Hey Everyone!
I am making my first Hackinotosh and I am duel booting Windows 8 and 10.9 Niresh on the same 1TB Drive.
I have a FX-8320 and ASUS M5A97 R2.0. I have read that Chameleon does not support UEFI so I am worried.
Can someone tell me what I will need to do?

Gringo Vermelho:
If you're already dual (duel is something you can do with swords) booting Windows 8 and Niresh then what are you worried about?

It's true that Chameleon does not support UEFI. I am not familiar with Niresh but I should be surprised if it doesn't let you install the Clover boot loader, which does support UEFI systems.

We can't support Clover or Niresh here.


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