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Fullscreen Resolution Problem with Chameleon



when I boot up my system Chameleon doesn't display in Fullscreen but instead there is a black frame around the image.

- The native resolution of my monitor (aka what I want): 1920x1080
- my graphics card: ZOTAC Geforce GTX 650 ZT-61002-10M

I entered my resolution (1920x1080) both in the theme.plist and org.chameleon.Boot.plist. Also 1920x1080 appears to be an available VESA mode of my graphics card, when I check video modes on startup in chameleon 1920x1080 is listed three times in 8/16/32bit.

The theme that I'm using has a 1920x1080 background image, but it's not displayed in fullscreen. The text is not as crisp as it should be (badly drawn/wrong resolution).

I went through the forum search multiple times. Is there anything I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!


Gringo Vermelho:
I'm getting the exact same thing.

1920x1080 23" Dell monitor connected via DisplayPort to a GTX 660.

Graphics Mode and theme resolution flags are set properly.

1920x1080 appears in the list as well.

I also have a 23" Dell monitor. Maybe this is causing it?

After reading through a lot of different sites/posts with similar problems, I am under the impression that some monitors just don't accept any VESA modes higher than 0x11F = 1600×1200 24bit.

So there actually might not be a solution. I could be wrong though.

Anyone else has any suggestions ?  :o


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