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Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago i was cartoonizing some photos and i thought "why not make a chameleon theme using this technique?"
I grab the icons from my previous ROG themes and cartoonized them all, also made a bunch of new icons, chose the best ones and make the Cartoonized Theme. The background is a simple brown paper bag  :)
This is the end result of my initial thought, it's a simple theme, but i hope you like it :)

I like to thank Blackosx, CosmosCj, Enzo, rzooff, kexlam, xenatt, DMAUTOS and many others for inspiration :)
This theme is 1920x1080 resolution, and i'm using latest version of Chameleon bootloader.
There's also a folder with PLENTY alternative icons if you have other OS/Drives, the font that i used in menu icons which doesn't come with win7 (Helvetica Neue Regular) is also included, just browse it.
You may wish to edit the "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" to turn off the "Boot Banner" and the "Legacy Logo" :)

The thumb and preview images were taken with a phone cam, so they are horrible...sorry  :-[ result is better ;)

PS- Please, forgive my english mistakes, as English is not my native language   :)

Had a quick test of this theme this morning.
It works great and is another one from your collection  ;D

One note is the white text on the white menu is not the easiest to read ;)

I reduced this theme as it was before you started using pngquant.

Thanks Blackosx :)
I'm starting to PNGquanting all my previous themes :)
It really is an amazing image compressor :)


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