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Another retro theme


Hello, this is my first theme, there is only two icons Yosemite and Windows because I only use this two systems.
Inspiration is on retro computers, it will be easy to change OS images on the screens and maybe i can add others vintage computers.
It is sized for a 1920x1200 and images are quite big, i don't know if even have space for a third icon

Pictures are taken with phone, is there a theme viewer to take better images?

Open to ideas

Hope you like!

Hi jaygrid

Just found time to test your theme here and loving the retro look! It’s nice to see a big theme again, though shame about the limited icons. Never the less, it works so well done :D

I see you mentioned that you weren’t sure if there was space for a third icon. Well after resizing the theme for my display using 1440x1050 there’s not so I changed the max number of devices in the theme.plist from 4 to 2.

--- Code: --- <key>devices_max_visible</key>
--- End code ---
Without doing this the devices overlapped and just looked plain wrong.

Thanks for the contribution.



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