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Hello everyone,

My first contact with an Apple computer was with one of these in 1998, so, taste arguments apart, this does bring back some good memories :)
Feel free to comment or just say something if you like it, it’s always nice to know your opinion :)

It’s a 1920x1080 resolution theme for Chameleon bootloader.
There's also a folder with LOTS of alternative icons if you have other OS/Drives, just check it out.
The theme was made using just Percentage(%)Positioning, so it should be easier to convert to other resolutions :)

You may wish to edit the "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" to turn off the "Boot Banner" and the "Legacy Logo" :)

The thumb and preview images were taken with a phone camera, so they are not accurate... sorry  :( result is better, just download and try, it doesn’t hurt ;)

As always I like to thank Blackosx, Enzo, CosmosCj and many others for inspiration and support :)

PS- Please, forgive my english mistakes, as English is not my native language   :)


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