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EBIOS read error: Error 0x01 [SOLVED]

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Add me to the list of people with the ebios read error problem.  3 Samsung 1.5 TB drives mirrored on Apple software raid.  Chameleon will not boot after the error - had to go back to efi v9 1.0.12.

Gigabyte X58-UD3r w core i7 920 ...

As a work-around, I've been manually disconnecting the apple software raid with my 3 samsung 1.5TB drives and then re-connecting them after chameleon starts ...

Noticed that the volume Apple Software raid creates is Apple_HFS format vs GUID or MBR - Wonder if this has anything to do with the problem or whether it might offer a work around that's compatible w Chameleon ... ?

cheers ...

Gringo Vermelho:
What do you mean HFS vs. GUID or MBR?

HFS is a file system, GUID and MBR are partition types.

Just got this problem myself. Weird, all of a sudden, after a day or so of having the raid, this problem started happening. Is there a way to create the HSF+ raid without the 3 partitions that OSX creates? I believe that the problem may be one of partitioning.

I have figured out a (temporary, I hope) solution to this problem. Edit your file and set a new key/value pair Scan Single Drive - YES
This is using Chameleon 2 rc 2 r640. I don't know if any previous versions allow this.


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