Author Topic: Boot failure Chameleon 2.0-RC2  (Read 3027 times)

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Boot failure Chameleon 2.0-RC2
« on: August 02, 2009, 05:29:36 AM »
EDIT: Have reinstalled Kalyway with MBR selected. All works fine.  :)
Still cant get to DVD (i assume thats what hitting F5 does?). The DVD does not show up as a drive even with a bootdisk in it.

I installed Chameleon 2.0-RC2.
I have a dual boot system with Windows XP & Kalyway 10.5.2. Kalyway was installed with the GUID boot option.

I can use 132 to boot into windows partition select.  The windows boot.ini has the chain0 added.
Once i get here i can boot windows or select Mac which takes me to Chameleon screen where i can boot into OSX.

I cannot use Fdisk to replace the MBR with boot0. I get a message "Access Denied"

It seems the Chameleon 2.0-RC2 installer does not (or is unable because of permissions?) to replace the MBR.

Even using Windows XP to fixmbr & fixboot still doesn't let me boot directly to Windows. (i use Gpart to set the boot partition)

Motherboard Gigabyte EP31-DSL3 with the bios flashed to fix the RTC for Kalyway vanilla kernel install, nVidia 9400GT with 1G ram.
Disc is  Sata with 4 partitions  1GbFat, 30GbNFS+, 30Gb Fat32, 215Gb NTFS as slave on first IDE channel & DVD drive is Sata as master on first IDE cchannel.

 (Bios has no selection for ACHI)

Have previously had system working with Kalyway installed as MBR.

Love your work!
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