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optical output
« on: August 05, 2009, 03:48:09 PM »
hi ,
i am new to mac, so please be gentle :-)

i installed voodoohda 0.22 with osx86tools.
i do get good sound from the back speakers output.
from the front speakers output i get jerky sound.

but what most important to me is that is can't get any sound from the back optical output, as this is how my machine is connected to my receiver.

in the pref audio pane i can see 2 devices: unknown (which give the sound mentioned above)
and also spdif-out which gives no sound at all.

does optical sound output supported?

i am using intel dg45id mobo ,
running the getdump gives me the codec: IDT 92HD73E1 (not sure if this helps)
but i am attaching the dump (i just run it manually, it was not added to the login items, i hope this is ok)

any help would be appreciated