Author Topic: Chameleon Boot CD fails to pick up newly installed OS X partition  (Read 3212 times)

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I have successfully made a boot cd that works perfectly on my system using these instructions http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,484.msg2131.html#msg2131

However, I have uploaded this for others to use in one of my installation guides and some users have reported problems, not with the boot CD not working, but with it identifying a freshly installed OS X partition.

Purpose of Boot CD
The boot CD is used to boot a PC, select the retail OS X DVD, use disk utility to partition SATA HD with a GPT and install OS X.
Then after reboot, the boot CD is used to select that newly installed system and boot it to carry on with the installation.

Problem I am discussing
At this reboot, after the first install of OS X, booting from the Boot CD and pressing F8, the newly installed partition doesn't appear in Chameleon's menu.
This only happens on some users' systems and I am still trying to pinpoint their hardware setups to see what's different. I can't replicate this on my system as it works every time for me.

So my question is what could be the reason for the boot CD failing to display the newly installed partition only on some systems?

For reference,I use the cdboot file from the r431 binary package.

If you need any more information please ask.

EDIT: Mods, if this is considered a bug report can you please move it. Sorry :)
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