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No USB with Chamaleon
« on: August 18, 2009, 12:43:50 PM »
With chamaleon r4xxx i got usb working as far as:

- If i had an usb flash drive connected, i had to wait till it's led stopped blinking (chamaleon had read it) and then i could start OS X without any usb problem.

- If i hadn't an USB flash drive connected i had to leave chamaleon work out by himself (don't touch any key, let the progress bar fully complete and boot with normal boot, USB was working).

Note: I have an USB mouse connected all the time

If this wasn't made i got the filterinterrupteventsource (or something similar) and the unable to initalize UIM errors.

So far as this, i could stand it.

But now, with the r640 there's no way to get USB working, no matter what i do i'll get those errors.

So i'm wondering what did exactly you do with this update? Is there any way to solve it? I  can't use a DSDT file cuz i'll get a kernel panic... anyone?

EDIT: Probelm solved, just delete all kexts installed by default with chamaleon on  /Extra/Extensions

That should solve the Waiting for boot device problem and the USB also (at least it doesn't happen so often).

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