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I got several mails from people asking for the source code of this, and I gave it to them, no problem. (The reason why prefpane source is not in the GoogleCode svn, is that it whyever didnt let me upload new files).

But that are not the only emails i got depending VoodooHDA. Just today i received an email from some guy who was bitching around that VoodooHDA team isnt worth anything and useless since there is no update since April.

First, there never was or is a VoodooHDA team.
Kaitek/cinorch started this project and was actually quite finished but nobody had the sources, just him.
For some reason he wasnt available to all of us for several months, thats where i started VoodooHDA from scratch, just as i got it to make some sound, cinorch released his source on GoogleCode.
Since his version took a different way of registering outputs it lacked of some features like mute or output pan, which i had working in mine so i was able to adopt it fastly to his kext.
We wrote several mails how we are going to proceed and what can be done better.
Thats the only time there really was sort of a VoodooHDA "team".

Second: The developers offer _their_ time to bring _you_ things like a HDA kernel extension. They dont get any money out of it, thats the first thing you should keep in mind when you are about to bitch at the developers.
If the product doesnt work well for your machine, post about it in a friendly way, be patient and hope it gets fixed.
If not, fix it yourself (Open Source), post a patch if you want, and you are set.
But there is no need at all to insult the developers about their products, you should be happy that the developers try to extend _your_ and their osx experience.
Not to mention the hours/days that just had been spent on reading specifications and documents to have a base to start from.
For me it seems some guys in this scene (which seems to turn more and more into a joke in my opinion) just dont understand that, or they are just always about to fight wherever possible. (Thats easy when one can hide behind a PC right?)

Third: This all should be a hobby, something to mess with, something to have fun with. It's not the whole part of the developers life, nor of yours. We all have other, mostly more important stuff to mess with.

So i would highly appreciate all of you who have nothing better to do than insult developers, to try to understand this and rethink if the way they are acting is of any good to the "community" nor if it is necessary.

greets, fassl

Thanks a lot for this. Some guys asked me to compile this for 64 bit snowleopard since they have no way to adjust sound volume in system's sound preference.
Compiled Snow Leopard (32/64) version is attached here for your convenience.

fassl - Hi - sorry you've been rudely hassled over your voluntary & mostly unaided work on this project.

If it is any consolation, I can tell you that many folk are really grateful & genuinely appreciative.

 . . . .  credit & applause  :D  ;)  :D

thanks to fassl for all hard work for us.

Thanks guys, but please do not forget kaitek ;)


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