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Paid work: Pointing Stick/Track Stick/TrackPoint
« on: August 18, 2009, 04:39:35 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I have a Dell Latitude D830 as my hackintosh laptop, specifically because it has a trackstick. I'm perfectly capable of using a touchpad, and I am aware of all the features that can make the transition easier, but I prefer to use a trackstick. Thankfully appleps2controller works with the trackstick as long as it has no specific kexts (eg. ApplePS2Trackpad) loaded. However, this has three main drawbacks:

1: No specific considerations for the trackstick like inertia or tap-to-click.
2: No way to have the advanced touchpad features (ALPS GlidePoint) and trackstick at the same time.
3: No way to keep the trackstick and disable the touchpad (for those that would care to do so).

So, I would like to pay someone to rectify as many of these problems as possible. I know there are competent coders out there that could use a little extra cash. Here is the prioritization of the problems I would like fixed:

1: Using a trackstick while having a trackpad (touchpad) kext loaded. There are a few people developing ALPS kexts out there, it would be nice to have my trackstick and pick up the benefits of those kexts as well.
2: Tap-to-click, maybe inertia? plist settings would be fine.

I know that very few people have, or use, a trackstick and because it has some form of functionality it is not a priority. However, hopefully I can entice one of you to work on it anyway. I hope that the more basic functionality I'm looking for can be ported from Linux, allowing for blind coding that I could test. The end result must be available to the community with the source published. I'll pay after I can verify that problem one is fixed, and then we can negotiate further functionality.

Obviously, there is a price point where it is no longer practical to pay, given the functionality we currently have, but if you are interested please email me at thestevo@gmail.com and we can talk about payment.