Author Topic: Chameleon 2.0 RC3-r658 memory allocation error (0xf000f000 ox2) during boot  (Read 3072 times)

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I am using the current version RC3.
I think the reason I get this problem during boot is because of the attached devices.
Initially I had the problem with the usb keyboard but that fixed itself on its own.
Unfortunately the usb hard drive does not let the machine to boot into osx.

I get the memory allocation error (0xf000f000, 0x2).

-I will try to install a previous version of Chameleon. RC2 or RC1.
I think I was using RC1 before rebuilding the system and everything was fine.

Another thing I will try is to reinstall the current version of chameleon with all the devices attached on usb.
It might behave differently.

Changing the sequence of the drives and the active partition (if you have xp as well) does not make a difference.

Does anyone know something on this??