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10. How do I fine-tune my /Extra/ How can I make a boot option to have a permanent effect? What's the syntax for options?

You fine-tune your /Extra/ by going minimal (i.e. keeping only the options that your setup needs).

Usually, on a fresh installation it's wise to start with a very basic /Extra/ file and try/test different boot options @ the Chameleon screen. If/when you're happy with them you can integrate them into your /Extra/ in order to have a permanent effect.

There are 2 types of options: Kernel Flags and Booter Options, both described in the BootHelp.txt file.

Kernel Flags are space-separated and are permanently integrated to the file like so:

--- Code: ---<key>Kernel Flags</key>
--- End code ---

for 2 (or more) Kernel Flags:

--- Code: ---<key>Kernel Flags</key>
<string>-x -v</string>
--- End code ---

For Booter Options, there's a key and a string for every option. For example, to have the effect of USBBusFix=Yes option and also load a theme called Graphite_Simple integrated to the file you simply add:

--- Code: ---<key>USBBusFix</key>
--- End code ---

to your /Extra/ Likewise for any other option that you want to kick in permanently.

Tip: all your <key>BlahBlah</key> <string>BlahBlah</string> pairs should be inside <dict> </dict>. Not before Nor after them.

Tip: if you end up with a messed up /Extra/ file, you can start afresh with an untouched one as found here.

11. How do I fine-tune my kexts? What's the best kexts for my system? What's the deal with kexts vs. mkext?

You fine-tune your kexts by examining/studying/knowing your hardware inside-out. Then you (re)search the net for kexts as close as possible to your own hardware specs.

There's no single universal "best" kext (or set of kexts) that will do magic on every piece of hardware. You should do your own research.

An mkext is a cache file of kexts. mkext provides faster booting and is the Apple-approved method for MacOS 10.6.

Chameleon-wise you can have a number of kexts in /Extra/Extensions or a single mkext in /Extra .

12. What about Themes? The Default one is OK can I have more? How do I change Themes? I want to create my own, how do I get started?

Oh yes, themes! Thanks to our ThemeMaestro Blackosx and the rest of the gang who keep the Theme Park busy you're not stuck with the default one.

You can have as many themes as you like inside your /Extra/Themes folder, just make sure that they were made to be used with Chameleon. You change themes by changing the corresponding <string>BlahBlaThemeName</string> in your /Extra/ as described here.

You're more than welcome to create your own and share it in the Theme Park. Say hello and thanks to Blackosx who created the Creating Themes and Resizing Themes guides and also take a minute to read our rules about it.

13. Great work! What can I do to help the development of Chameleon? I'd like to give something back.

We welcome altruists and nice guys/girls! Depending on your skills/mood you may:

• Create a theme
• Consider donating
• File proper bug reports.
• Give us input on Feature requests
• Help us with documentation. Start a thread and documentate a feature/tip/solution. A prime example is Blackosx's Creating Themes Guide.

14. What about Chameleon's latest feature about BlahBlah?

All new features in subsequent releases are briefly documented in the BootHelp.txt. Please understand that Chameleon 2 is still in beta and complete documentation is not ready yet.

By the way, a fun part of running Chameleon on your hack, is trying out the (new) features yourself.


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