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15. Unofficial member-contributed Tools, Utilities and Documentation

• Trauma has created BootCDMaker, "a simple utility to rapidly create Chameleon BootCD" and can be found here.

• Sonotone has created Lizzard, a utility that lets you "edit, smbios.plist and build a bootable ISO" and can be found here.

• r0m30 has created a guide describing how to install Mac OS X (with the use of Chameleon) when you have no access to a real Mac. His pdf can be found here.

• Distemperus's efforts on documenting Chameleon, a sticky in this very sub-forum.

• Gringo Vermelho posted a step by step guide to building a Chameleon BootCD.

Please note that while we are more than happy to have such contributions, we are not able to provide support for them. Please follow the corresponding threads and contact the members directly for any questions.

16. HELP! I have a question about xYz and no one answers! HUGE PROBLEM! Where are you guys?

• we are allergic to HELP HUGE PROBLEM sort of topics,
• we strive to develop software, not to replace Google.
• a hack that stopped working is not a problem,
• we have just 3 simple rules for this forum,
• we may have a real life, job, problem(s).

btw, do you remember how OSx86 was before Chameleon?


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