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2. How do I obtain Chameleon? Where can I download Chameleon from?

Either from the Offical Downloads section of our forum or from the official blog.

Please note that by now Chameleon releases are mirrored in blogs/sites/forums all over the net. Official releases will only be available from the two sources mentioned above. Also note that lot of people tend to confuse other bootloaders with Chameleon. In short, you can use whatever you like, just go to the same place/person for support/questions.

3a. Will Chameleon turn my PC / generic hardware / cheap box into a Mac?


3b. Why?


3c. But I see all those listings/places on the web that sell ready-made hackintoshes? Some claim that their machines run Chameleon!

It's your money, it's your call, just don't deceive yourself: There's real Macs that you buy from Apple and there's hacks that you build yourself (usually for the kicks of it). If you want to pay someone to build a hack for you, that's fine. Just remember to go to the same person for support.

4. How do I install Chameleon?

Either manually or via an installer package. The best way is to install manually.

There're newbie-friendly installer packages but:
• There're still options that have to be understood (they just come in the form of "click me" buttons).
• Some users reported unexpected results when using the installer.


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