Author Topic: Why does Chameleon respect an active boot indicator in the Extended Boot Record?  (Read 1574 times)

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Chameleon appears to respect an active boot indicator (80h) in an Extended Boot Record. I'm sure that boot indicators other than 00h are technically out of specification for the EBR. This is OS X's fault for setting it, but why does Chameleon respect it?

Not only is it respected but an active HFS+ partition in an EBR takes priority over an active FAT32 partition in the MBR.

This is the an issue since if I use grub4dos to chainload Chameleon's boot from an active FAT32 primary partition, Chameleon doesn't consider the the active FAT32 primary partition as local root (/) but instead considers the active HFS+ logical partition as local root (/).



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 - related: when grub4dos is in EFI 200mb partition (hybrided to 0c, active ,mbr dos7) , chainloading chameleon boot0 loops back to grub4dos instead of searching gpt(hfs+)boot1h/boot making it totally useless. imho I'd like it to just blindly straight bios boot GPT OSX partitions and nothing else,  hybrid multibooting other OS'es than osx  is an affair of some grown-up specialized bootloader.

thx for the great job.

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