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I've bundled/researched/compiled & otherwise read source to come up with comprehensive documentation.

edit: minor update to EFI instructions & clarify ReleaseCandidate status

For all newcomers:
If you are not a registered user then you will not be able to see the attached document here.
Please register to gain access to all attached files.

Woohoo, a guy that likes to document....

a) Where have you been for so long?

b) best 1st post I've ever seen

Gringo Vermelho:
Wow, that is beautiful, good job. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for your efforts Distemperus, a warm welcome here again

Going briefly through your doc, everything seems OK.

A first thought though:

Please rename your file to Using Chameleon 2RC, this is precisely the reason we didn't include all details in our official FAQ. Every subsequent RC release introduces new options, but till we get out of beta we cannot be sure which ones will stay and which ones will be dropped/changed.

More feedback when I go through your doc again.

Nice one,

I'm new to Chameleon and its answered a lot of questions for me.

Thanks for the hard work.  It needs a Sticky!


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