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--- Quote from: Distemperus on September 16, 2009, 12:12:58 AM ---I've bundled/researched/compiled & otherwise read source to come up with comprehensive documentation.

edit: minor update to EFI instructions & clarify ReleaseCandidate status

For all newcomers:
If you are not a registered user then you will not be able to see the attached document here.
Please register to gain access to all attached files.

--- End quote ---
Excellent work. I will translate your Doc in Greek and post it here!

Thank you for the documentation
i think you need to add more information about the extended , logical partitions mess
there seem to be no known way to install these files : boot1he , and boot1hp
can you do that for me ??

well i used your cd boot way to make an iso image for chameleon and it worked nicely with all my kexts and caches , themes as if it was installed normally via the package installer or manually ( tried them all using MBR scheme on my hdd ) and booted successfully using Windows boot loader + grub to mount the iso  8) 8) 8)

Thank you so much


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