Author Topic: RC3 VideoROM, GraphicsEnabler, and VBIOS not working with Snow Leopard?  (Read 4406 times)

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I have added a video bios to my in both /Extra/ and /S/L/E and put a directory in /, /Extra/ called vbios, with the file q770m.bin in it, and I cannot get better nvidia support. 1024x768 is all I get.

I then copied the q770m.bin to NVIDIA.ROM(as is documented to be the default) and put it in /, and /Extra just to be sure of the proper root. Still nothing.

I also added the GraphicsEnabler string set to yes and still nothing. I feel like I'm doing something wrong, but I really feel like I need an example here. I feel like I'm either missing something not discussed in the doc, or this option doesn't work.

NVinject 2.2 gives me good video at least, but at the wrong memory settings (256 v 512), and no OpenGL support. (sux cause NVinject 2.1 gives me everything with Leopard). So I'm frustrated. I thought for sure the VideoROM option would work. Please help.