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Feature Request - Instance Select (Pre-Load)
« on: September 28, 2009, 11:02:29 PM »
Having mucked a fair bit with RC3 over the last weekend, let me first say: What an outstanding and very versatile tool you have created here. Muchos Kudos, VoodooLabs!

As I put it through the paces this weekend I found myself thinking, what would make this infinitely easier and avoid, edit, reboot, test, edit, reboot.... cycle was if I could setup a few different instances of of start-up options and select them from the Cham loader.

An example.  On my first boot, I know I'm going to get kernel panics with a set of kexts, and not others.  My next boot, I have to get the system up, remove or modify half the kexts, and try again.  Rather than having to go all the way back in, modify the com.apple.Boot.plist, the kext directory, etc, I could have pressed the down arrow to bring up the boot options, used the left/right arrow, to choose the instance I wanted to test, logged the Kernel Panic/error messages, then brought up the next iteration on reboot, it would would greatly help in determining kext problems without having do a full reboot to OS each time.

I'm not sure if this is simple to implement or not it, but it would be useful.

Thanks for considering it, and keep up the stellar work!

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