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multiple leopard install problem
« on: April 11, 2009, 07:30:36 PM »
im having a weird problem.  i have 3 hard drives, each has a bootable install of leopard. one is the main one i use, one is a clone of that, and the other is one that i just mess around with. i also have a hard drive with vista on it. at first i installed chameleon on my main leopard hard drive. everything worked fine except no sound for that particular one. the rest were fine. so i restored that drive from my back up and sound came back when i used the darwin bootloader. now i have chameleon installed on the newest leopard install that i just mess around with. everything boots up fine with sound. the only problem is, once i boot into vista i am no longer able to boot into that leopard install. the main leopard and back up leopard boot fine but not the one with chameleon installed.  i can boot into it fine if i unplug all the drives. i apologize for not being more technical, im fairly new to the hackintosh world. just wondering if this is a bug that will be fixed in the next release or if its something im doing wrong. thanks.