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[Utility] Lizard: a little app for Chameleon (update 0.62)

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Ok, found my mistake  :D

I wrote devices-properties instead of device-properties, and as i don't use dev-props, i've skipped this error.

You can re-check the link, it should be fixed.

Yes - now looks like it should be. Also "Device Properties" window shows string hex (it was empty before).
Thanks for so fast response!

Maybe someone more experienced could help You with setting smbios.plist permissions?

this evening, i found a way to save plist without modifying permissions by using authopen, so i'll update the app soon.

Just Added the possibility to define Extra folder Path (in preferences) for folks who have their Extra folder on different partition. If you see bugs, let me know
See first post.

That's a good tweak Sonotone. I can now use it properly. Thanks :)


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