Author Topic: Need Chameleon entries for BCD boot loader  (Read 2318 times)

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Need Chameleon entries for BCD boot loader
« on: October 10, 2009, 04:15:17 PM »
Apologies in advance for this post - I have searched literally 100's of posts here and on InsanelyMac but have not found specific instructions on what I specificly need.

I am seeking to boot from a Win7 partition using the standard Vista/Win7/2008 bcd loader.

Disk Setup:
Win7 disk - NTFS - 80 GB SSD
SL 10.6.1 - OSX Journaled - 500 GB

OS X uses Chameleon to boot - all boot files are on the disk containing 10.6, standard folders used

I have tried to edit my bcd database adding an entery for OSX - first I tried an entry pointing to c:\chain0.  This obviously failed because chain0 expects to be in the master boot area.  I then tried to boot using boot1h and the appropriate c:\boot1h entry in bcd -- the MS boot loader errors out stating the boot file is either missing or corrupt.

I am hoping someone can guide me as to what I am doing wrong.  I have made sure the files I reference in bcd are actually resident where the path indicates - meaning I have copied the chain0 and boot1h files over to the root of Win7, but no joy.

Any help would be appreciated, and again, apologies if this answer appears somewhere on this forum.  Incidentally, I have also tried using bcdedit in various release versions, but I don't believe the entries it makes are compatible with Chameleon because I have not been successful.

thanks in advance - bill...