Author Topic: 1000HE: Sound un-muting on wake  (Read 1727 times)

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1000HE: Sound un-muting on wake
« on: March 04, 2010, 12:02:24 AM »
I've ran OS X 10.6.2 on my 1000HE in the past and a huge problem I had was with VoodooHDA not properly setting the sound right on wake. Here's the run down: If I press the mute key or manually turn down the volume it properly works. However, if I put the computer to sleep while it's muted and then wake it the volume magically un-mutes itself but the volume icon on the menu bar shows that it's still muted. As you can imagine this can be troublesome when I'm in a public place and I need my speakers to be silent. As far as I can tell this only happens on 10.6 and that VoodooHDA is the reason. Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so has anyone fixed it?