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Hi everyone,

We're still a new forum, so we don't have many rules, but please one of them is do not post links to other forums, cross linking is frowned upon, people get used to the info being there and if for some reason the other forum goes away or the page gets moved the information could be lost...

1. Please do not cross link on our forum to another, if the information is important enough to be referenced, include the information in your post here please!

2. Please write your titles + descriptions accordingly:

• People here are not clairvoyants: Writing descriptive posts about what you're doing is the only way to let other people understand what you're facing. Generic titles/posts with no useful info will get siphoned down the drain.

• Troubleshooting Chameleon requires posting your /Extra/ at the very least. Include all relevant information (/Extra folder structure, kexts used, etc.)

• Get a signature with your hack's specs. Not all hacks are built alike. Someone else with similar/identical hardware might be able to help you. It also helps grouping issues and makes troubleshooting easier.

• When quoting other's replies/posts, trim! Do not quote the entire contents of the original message--instead, trim it down to the relevant text and delete the rest. If none of the original text is relevant to the response, then don't quote any of it.

3. Before creating a new topic, please perform a Search to make sure that the topic is not already being discussed. If the topic is not already being discussed, is there an existing thread where your post would make sense? The forums are still young and everyone is helping out kindly. Rude VFAQ thread creation will not be tolarated and such threads will be locked/deleted without a notice.

Everything here is volunteer, no one owes you anything.  Everyone likes some free time, so please be nice.

Thank you =)

sckevyn / rocksteady


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