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Hi, when I and my wife switched from windows to osx86, I suggested to use separate accounts and she answered "┬┐you want to download porn movies, so I cannot find them?". Well, I just want to have my secrete drive with my private data and share the same account with her, so she don't think I have porn movies. It would be nice to have the option to create hardware profiles, to select if I want to boot with all the SATA drives or even the DVD player.
Some times a friend comes to use my computer and her DVDs are so dirty as Ren and Stimpy (can you imagine that?), so I don't want to have available the DVD burner while she comes.

Could the Chameleon bootloader do that? To create hardware profiles to activate my personal drive, other to deactivate the DVD and an automatic and default set to remain married a couple of years more?


Move the appropriate kexts out of /S/L/E to a separate folder and kextload manually when you need them


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