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Title: Force HID overwrite
Post by: AlexanderPD on February 28, 2011, 03:06:31 PM
Hi, i'm using a Vaio F Series and i have the *in*famous problem of "totally blank lcd".
I noticed that ALL the vaios with this problem have a non EISA-standard HID, mine, for example, is MS_0025 and that "_" char make the ID not EISA-standard, so osx can't read it (well, nvidia driver can't) and it result in a totally blank lcd.
You'll know it for sure, but just for remember, the EISA-type ID is UUUYYYY where U are uppercase letters and Y are hex numbers.

I can't force that by DSDT because i simply can't compile with the MS_0025 string, compiler gives error for non-standard format.
I Googled a lot but seems like chameleon still can't handle that (and nothing else seems to handle this >_>), can you patch this?

Hoping i didn't said crap, thank you! :D