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Title: Can't hide OSX Clones in Chameleon
Post by: cahedger on April 03, 2014, 09:27:06 PM
Hey Guys,

So I tried reaching out at the TonyMacx86 forums about 3 days ago and have received little help so I thought I'd come here.  I have a dual boot Win7/OSX hackintosh (please see details in signature) that used the chimera bootloader up until I recently installed the newest version of Chameleon so I could have access to more advanced features.  Here's my issue, I have 4 hard drives (OSX Bootable, Win7 Bootable, OSX Clone/Backup, Win7 Clone/Backup) that all work great and boot up fine and chameleon shows the current ver (I setup this way in the case of an HD fail I can just change the boot order and be back up and running in no time). 

My problem is this, we have a little one at the house that likes to play games on windows, so I'm trying to hide the 2 clone/backup partitions in the bootloader so you can only choose Win7 or OSX.  I have been able to edit the plist to hide the Win7 Clone/Backup, but can't seem to get the OSX clone/backup to hide (I believe it has 3 partitions, 1 hidden system partition, 1 for carbon copy to clone to, and 1 for time machine).  I have tried hiding it in plist by name, hd(x,y), and UUID (all of which I found in the bootloader or diskutil list from terminal).  I have even downloaded xcode to get the source from your site and replaced line 1603 (and even tried a few others) to if ( (newBVR->flags & kBVFlagForeignBoot) ) with no luck (even though this seems to only detect foreign drives, chameleon labels them as darwin?)...

...anyways, I've literally exhausted all my resources to no avail.  Am I making this way more difficult than it needs to be?  Do I just need to edit my boot order or something?  Here's what the bootloader gives me:

hd(0,2) Mountain Lion
hd(3,1) WIN 7

hiding hd(1,2) hd(2,1) hides the WIN CLONE but not the OSX CLONE.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP, THIS IS DAY 4 AND I'M LOSING MY MIND >:(

Title: Re: Can't hide OSX Clones in Chameleon
Post by: cahedger on April 05, 2014, 11:09:44 PM
No ideas huh?  Ive tried every bootloader... chameleon, chimera, clover with no luck.  Even updated to Mavericks to get clover working w no luck... all im trying to do is hide my osx backup which is on a separate drive partitioned for the clone and a time machine backup.  Does it have something to do with its format?  any help would be greatly appreciated, even if you have ideas for a different backup scheme... cloning drive so if one fails i can be back up by changing my boot order.  thx in advance
Title: Re: Can't hide OSX Clones in Chameleon
Post by: Gringo Vermelho on April 07, 2014, 03:51:26 AM
I can't tell you exactly why it's not working for you. But I can say the same thing that I always do when someone posts here about hiding drives: The disk identifiers are relative to where Chameleon is installed. The disk where Chameleon is installed is always Disk0. It doesn't matter what diskutil list shows or what order the drives are plugged in, or in what order they are set in the BIOS.