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Title: Different logos for the same partition format?
Post by: Windows04 on April 11, 2009, 12:26:44 PM
Hi everyone ;),

I have succesfully installed chameleon v2.0 RC1 on my hackintosh and it's working great and everything is recognised (even my windows 7 beta drive)! But...

This is my HDD setup:
disk0s2 -> Macintosh (my primary hackintosh installation)
disk1s1 -> Windows 7
disk2s2 -> Time machine backup of Macintosh
disk2s3 -> Test mac (a hackintosh installation just for testing because i don't want to screw up my primary installation XD).

When i get into the bootloader, i see 3 times the same logo (because 3 of the 4 drives are HFS+ formatted).

Is it possible to change the logo of these drives/partitions? Like for example a time machine logo for my time machine partition, the normal logo for macintosh and the old apple logo (with colors) for test mac?