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Title: VoodooPS2Keyboard patched for working wireless key
Post by: Shirokuroneko on February 27, 2010, 05:36:56 PM
I want to make my little contribution to this project, though it's so specific that probably hardly anyone can make use of it. I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V3505 laptop that comes with a software-only wireless key. So, if you use anything different than Windows you'll have to find a way to activate your wireless card. In Linux, it can be turned on and off using the acerhk (http://www.cakey.de/acerhk/) kernel module.

So, I have patched the VoodooPS2Keyboard extension from VoodooPS2Controller 0.98 adding it two features: make the contextual menu key be an option key, and implement the wireless enable/disable from the special key (Function + F10) based on the acerhk (http://www.cakey.de/acerhk/) Linux kernel module source. Both options come enabled by default and can be easily disabled in the Info.plist file.

Here is the patched kernel extension (http://personales.alumno.upv.es/leagragi/files/VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext.zip) for Snow Leopard (currently working in version 10.6.2). And here is the source code (http://personales.alumno.upv.es/leagragi/files/VoodooPS2Keyboard_source.zip).

If this is useful to you, enjoy!