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Title: [code] keyboard alternative for 64-bit lion
Post by: fredemmott on February 02, 2012, 09:20:15 AM

Apparently the source is available, I failed to find it; for anyone else on 64-bit lion, here's an alternative:


Changes (from original versions, not voodoo):
- 10.7.2 support (including 64-bit)
- ACPIPS2Nub doesn't require a PS/2 mouse - works with just a PS/2 keyboard
- GenericPS2Keyboard has somewhat enhanced remapping support compared to Apple's driver
- Changed vendor IDs on GenericPS2Keyboard to not be apple because of options like 'dont do this on apple keyboards'

Sorry for the one commit - if someone can point me towards voodoo's source, I'll be happy to turn the above changes into patches against it.