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Theme Park / Re: [Theme]  ROG 3 Flavoured New Themes 
« Last post by rmf_z on July 14, 2015, 06:52:56 PM »
Hi Blackosx :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback, it is very well welcomed, appreciated and means a lot, since i'm a total theme & photoshop newbie :) And you're right, it takes a lot of work to do it without the proper know how :)

Thanks also for your "Creating Themes Guide" it's awesome, and it helps a lot, specially for newbies like myself :)

Last but not least, thanks for the information about the Chameleon file naming, i honestly didn't had a clue about it, otherwise i would have name them properly :) I'm all for "friendliness" :D

I just renamed all of the osx icons according to the list you've sent me, but before i upload all the themes again, i got to ask something, i noticed that there is a "device_hfsplus_recovery" icon in that list, should it be associated with the "time machine" icon or is that icon for other totally different purpose?

Kind regards
Theme Park / Re: [Theme]  ROG 3 Flavoured New Themes 
« Last post by Blackosx on July 14, 2015, 05:38:59 PM »
Hi rmf_z

You have put a lot of work in to creating this theme and it’s variations. Well done!
I’ve only looked at the files themselves for now and not actually used it but I will try it soon.

I see you have supplied many alternative files which include the different versions of OS X which is great. But did you know Chameleon supports these images directly? It requires the filenames to match what it expects, which unfortunately is not what you have right now. For example. You have device_hfsplus_OSX_Mavericks.png where as Chameleon will look for device_hfsplus_mav.png.

If you would like to improve the ‘friendliness’ of the theme(s) for others then maybe re-upload the theme files with correct naming? If you get stuck then give me a nudge and I'll try to help out.

For reference, check the Default theme files for a complete list files and their names.

But good job and it’s nice to see new themes being created. :)

I plan to update more of my theme with El Capitan icons but free time doesn’t come as often these days.
Theme Park / [Theme]  Republic of Gamers - ROG 
« Last post by rmf_z on July 11, 2015, 03:41:46 PM »
Hello everyone,

Approximately 1 year ago, i did my first theme "ROG Theme" and i post it here and i thought it was great, considering i never did one and i never worked with photoshop ever (and i still don't).
Since then i used it in my machine with satisfaction and because it looked very cool also, until one week ago when i decided to get rid and/or correct (most) of the mistakes i made due to the lack of some experience and Photoshop know-how.
This last week ended up to be great fun and i have made not only a serious upgrade to my previous ROG theme(which i now consider rubbish), but also it now comes in 3 Flavours of your choice (ROG Red, ROG Black & ROG Silver) and if you want you can combine all 3 of them, mixing up whatever you want according to your liking :)
There are still mistakes (i'm still a photoshop newbie) and things i could have done differently, but for now i'm happy with the results  :)

I like to thank the work i've borrowed from rzooff, kexlam, Enzo, CosmosCj, Blackosx and many others which continue to serves me as inspiration for my themes and ideas, and still hope they don't get mad of course  ;D  ;)
All 3 themes are 1920x1080 themes, i'm using latest version of Chameleon bootloader, not sure if it works with clover, but feel free to give it a try. There's also a folder with PLENTY of alternative icons if you have other OS/Drives, just browse it.
All OSX original feline icons where modified, well i personally like my cats with full ears  :lol:
You may wish to edit the "org.chameleon.Boot.plist" to turn off the "Boot Banner" and the "Legacy Logo" :)

The thumb and preview images were taken with a phone cam, so they are horrible...sorry  :-[
Hope you all like them  :)

PS- Please, forgive my english mistakes, as English is not my native language   :)
Theme Park / Re: [Theme] Blackosx_RoundedSquare
« Last post by Blackosx on July 02, 2015, 09:18:19 AM »
Added download for Yosmite, El Capitan and Recovery device icons for this theme.
Well i like the personalisation about it, Working on this Marvel themed Mackintosh atm an animation option would be sweet
Like the attached Marvel Logo stamp hehe, i'm all about theming and, well, the completer the better my end result hehe.

However, i do believe, focus should still go towards improvement rather than candy.

Regards Q
Theme Park / Re: Creating Themes Guide - Updated for v2.1 rev1994
« Last post by Quandril on May 12, 2015, 07:20:49 AM »
Thanks a lot for your awesome guide. Can't wait till i got time to start making my Marvel theme.

Great work,
Regards Q.
Theme Park / Re: OSX black
« Last post by Blackosx on February 28, 2015, 06:57:31 PM »
I like this theme granate15 because of the way the devices are offset, combined with the large background image. :)

I did tinker with it here to get the theme just right for my setup which makes me ask why you have the following setting in the theme.plist as it leaves a 10 pixel white band at the left edge?
Code: [Select]
Changing the value to zero fixes it.

Well done and thanks for sharing.
Theme Park / OSX black
« Last post by granate15 on February 26, 2015, 06:55:13 PM »
this is my theme.

EDIT: Moderator edit. Add thumbnail image.
General Discussion / BCM94360CD Apple wireless keyboard doesn't work in Chamaleon
« Last post by Tiberio on February 21, 2015, 04:03:45 PM »
I have just received the Broadcom bcm57780 card and adapter. It works well in the OS, but the curious thing is that the Apple wireless keyboard works in Clover bootloader but doesn't in Chamaleon.
How can I make it work even in Chamaleon? I need the keyboard work in order to chose the OS as I have a dual boot Windows-OS X.
Theme Park / Re: [Theme] Original with yosemite style
« Last post by zandegran on February 19, 2015, 09:46:22 PM »
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