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Title: Should I upgrade?
Post by: wsoxfan on March 20, 2011, 07:23:23 PM
I built a Hackintosh computer according to the instructions found on Lifehacker about a year ago. I used all the same components listed on that site http://lifehacker.com/#!5351485/how-to-build-a-hackintosh-with-snow-leopard-start-to-finish. However, by the time I ordered my Mother Board the MB had been updated to rev 2. Everything per the instructions worked just fine and still does with the exception of About This Mac. When I try to use this function the computer reboots. Also, from time to time when I am watching video in Firefox. Netflix, youtube, etc. the computer will crash requiring me to hit the reset button or, the computer just automatically restarts by itself. I don't know if this is a fault of Firefox or my comp. It doesn't happen all the time but, enough to be annoying. When I built Old Hacky I used the following; Chameleon-2.0-RC2-r640. I know a newer version is out but, I am not sure if I should upgrade this or not. I am also wondering if I should upgrade all the time.

Also, the problem is that I am 3 IQ points above Moe, Larry, and Curly. (1 Point per Stooge). So, I am not even sure how to upgrade.

Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

Stooge #4 in Tacoma

Title: Re: Should I upgrade?
Post by: Zane on March 24, 2011, 08:45:20 PM
Why don't you just test the new build? It should be beneficial but then again, the saying goes when something is working, don't try to fix it.