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Title: [Feature Request] Momentum (inertia)
Post by: knacker on October 08, 2009, 10:09:52 AM
On my Acer Aspire One, the trackpad is really small.  This doesn't give a lot of room to move the pointer around, and results in a lot of "finger burn" as I have to pick up my finger over and over again to make it go any appreciable distance.

With Synaptics' official Windows driver, there's a nice feature called "Momentum".  Basically, it makes the trackpad act like a trackball, in that if you flick it in a certain direction, the pointer keeps going, as if moving by inertia.

Here's a link:


Anyway, I think it'd just be nice to have that feature in Mac OS X as well.  It doesn't seem like it'd be that hard to implement, either.

Thanks a lot for reading!