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CHameleon Installer Help
« on: July 15, 2010, 06:08:10 AM »
I have noticed that at times the installer fails.  The last package installer that came out.  What I did is mounted the EFI partition removed everything then installed standard.  Then went back and installed HFS and the error went away.

Other problem I have about the "boot" file and i386 folder in /usr/standalone.

If I do a HFS install does the boot file install on the root / of the boot drive or the EFI partition?  I am finding it in both after depending I believe if its a standard or EFI install.   If I remove the boot from the root of the drive "/"  the system will not boot.  I don't want the boot file in the root but rather it be in the EFI partition.

What can I do to resolve this?  The installer does not help at all on this issue.

The next issue is the placement of the Extra, extensions, com.apple.Boot.plist, smbios.plist files.   They get placed in too many different places?  In the hidden folder .Chameleon, in the EFI partition along with my existing folder in the root /Extra.   I just want it all in one place either the EFI or the Root / of the drive.  Maybe better in the EFI partition?

So this is just way too confusing to me and I'll bet to others if they really looked a bit deeper into it as I have

The other issue is the boot file.  I have no idea when it installs in the root / versus the EFI partition or does it install it in both places?  Is it the type of install?  If you reinstall etc etc?

I want it in the same place as wherever I put the /Extra folder again I think in the EFI partition would be the best place?  If I remove the boot from the root then the system will not boot up?  Now what sense does that make if I do a HFS install right?

What can I do to place the boot file in a different location and have the system still boot?

Also the i386 folder do I need to copy the new i386 folder manually to the /usr/standalone?  Do I need to follow the manual install of chameleon if its just an updated boot file?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and try to answer my issues


I have reviewed the Guide on how to install CHameleon/EFI Manually but still does not explain the issues I am encountering, although if I would not use the automated installer and just follow the guide to manually format and install EFI/Chameleon, I have to assume I would not see these extra folders and files and boot files all over the place!!
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