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Re: [Theme] Blackosx_Revenge_of_the_Big_Screen_2012
« Reply #15 on: October 27, 2012, 12:32:26 AM »
Oh, sh*t no, I don't know anything about smart layers and smart filters and such...  I thought you did that...   There was 1 smart object in the PSD I found, and I had no choice but to learn how it worked.

Good work on the gradient mask, I was just painting a little more black on each time.

I was thinking... If I knew a little bit more, or had time,  it should be possible to do the smart object without any effects on it, and then you'd have a process that was simple enough that you could reduce it to an action.   Just take a screen shot, hit the action, and it could pop out two png's.

Maybe redo entire themes (if you can applescript it)....  I'm really not expert in these things.

I was hoping to learn enough, and have some ideas to do a matching theme for my BIOS splash screen, but I havent' thought of anything that wouldn't look retarded yet.   I'd appreciate any ideas, here's the POST screen:

I think you can kind of see what I'm thinking...  and why I chose the spotlight theme to play with (although it really is the best theme).


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Re: [Theme] Blackosx_Revenge_of_the_Big_Screen_2012
« Reply #16 on: October 27, 2012, 03:08:13 AM »
Addendum:  Here is the code I patched to add the XP logo...   it simply matches any NTFS partition with the name "Windows XP" (well, what else would  you call it).   Works a treat.

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Code: [Select]

--- trunk/i386/boot2/gui.c (revision 2072)
+++ trunk/i386/boot2/gui.c (working copy)
@@ -81,6 +81,8 @@
+    iDeviceNTFS_XP,
+    iDeviceNTFS_XP_o,
@@ -157,6 +159,8 @@
     {.name = "device_fat32_o",              .image = NULL},
     {.name = "device_ntfs",                 .image = NULL},
     {.name = "device_ntfs_o",               .image = NULL},
+    {.name = "device_ntfs_xp",              .image = NULL},
+    {.name = "device_ntfs_xp_o",            .image = NULL},
     {.name = "device_cdrom",                .image = NULL},
     {.name = "device_cdrom_o",              .image = NULL},
@@ -411,6 +415,8 @@
  LOADPNG(device_fat32_o,                 iDeviceFAT_o);
  LOADPNG(device_ntfs,                    iDeviceGeneric);
  LOADPNG(device_ntfs_o,                  iDeviceNTFS);
+ LOADPNG(device_ntfs_xp,                 iDeviceGeneric);
+ LOADPNG(device_ntfs_xp_o,               iDeviceNTFS_XP);
  LOADPNG(device_cdrom,                   iDeviceGeneric);
  LOADPNG(device_cdrom_o,                 iDeviceCDROM);
@@ -958,6 +964,10 @@
  case kPartitionTypeHPFS:
+ if (!strcmp( device->label, "Windows XP")) {
+    devicetype = is_image_loaded(iDeviceNTFS_XP) ? iDeviceNTFS_XP : iDeviceGeneric; // Use Windows XP icon. Should revert to NTFS icon, but harder to spot error if we do so.
+    break;
+ }
  devicetype = is_image_loaded(iDeviceNTFS) ? iDeviceNTFS : iDeviceGeneric; // Use HPFS / NTFS icon
@@ -2150,3 +2160,4 @@