Author Topic: Not booting windows partition, also external drive problems (restart loop)  (Read 2453 times)

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My system is as follows:

ASUS P5LD2-VM (rev1)
NVidia 6800XT
Pentium D 2.4ghz
4GB DDR2 ram

  • MacSys (Main System Drive): 40GB IDE, running iDeneb v1.5 - Leopard 10.5.7, MBR Partition Table, HFS+
  • Local Disk (Separate internal windows drive): 250GB SATA, running Windows XP (64 bit edition), NTFS
  • [External USB] MyBook: 500GB NTFS External USB drive, Western Digital, NTFS
  • [External USB] WACOMac/WACOWin: 1TB External USB drive, Western Digital, 2 Partitions 500GB HFS+ and 500GB NTFS

So my problem, maybe a bug?

If either of the USB drives are plugged in at all, Chameleon will not boot, and my system will get into a restart loop.

With them unplugged, Mac will boot fine, but if I choose to boot Windows XP x64, it will show a blinking cursor, and just sit there indefinitely.  (I can still manually boot windows through the bios drive selection)

Anyways, I love Chameleon, but I hope someone can help me out/fix any bugs that may be causing these issues.