Author Topic: 10 - 20 sec lag at bootup without HDD activity and issues after sleep in SL  (Read 6021 times)

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I found that the cause of the 10 - 20 sec lag at SL bootup is the VoodooPS2 + AppleACPIPS2Nub for SL, are there any new projects on this ?? I have too the known bug of stuck keys after sleep I use sleep watcher to workarround it but the bug actually stills. Another thing that I surely believe is caused by this driver is the progressive graphical slowdown I get since fresh login and small graphical issues such as courrupted Apple Gray Page (optional grey screen at boot, aparently fixed after 10.6.2), begining of aqua progressbar animation unsynchronized with the rest of the bar and corrupted-buffer-like images at the startup of OpenGL based games (where there should be a blank mainly black image). If anyone is working for for a SL versions please check this bugs before releasing.
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