Author Topic: Diablo 3: Why It Took It So Long  (Read 7312 times)

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Diablo 3: Why It Took It So Long
« on: February 01, 2012, 09:07:27 AM »
Since the release of Diablo games, the RPG world has been enjoyable and thrilled by the addition of sequels as Diablo 2 and the Expansion provide more entertainment and powerful game plays for the gamers all over the world. The story line is surprising as in the Second Diablo, as gamers defeats Diablo in a church ruins, "we" thought that it is the end of the game.

Until the expansion came out as Diablo's brother Ba'al came and avenge his brother by destroying the area and its humanity. I myself thought that after Tyrael sealed the gates after defeating Diablo is the last of the game. Finally, Blizzard came with the idea to create a sequel of it and became one of the most anticipated game this year.

Improved graphics and new characters are introduced along with the powerfully designed area that would make Diablo gamers wait with agonizing excitement to play and find out what's in store with the third Diablo series. As trailers have been constantly viewed in YouTube, there's no specific date yet when this game would be released in the market. I could say that this is my favorite RPG game since I played all the character in Diablo 2 and its expansion, and would like to do the same in this third series of Diablo.

My favorite character is the Paladin because using one hand with a weapon and the other with the shield seems real-like. However, all the characters have their distinct abilities that will be needed to defeat the forces that destroys the area.diablo 3 gold