Author Topic: independence from DSDT.AML files?  (Read 4056 times)

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independence from DSDT.AML files?
« on: September 11, 2009, 03:16:44 PM »
the problem:

my installation of chameleleon + snow leo is tied to my intel dg33fb motherboard thanks to the patched dsdt.aml file that im using. without it, it doesnt boot into my 2x hdd softraid.

i get a "USBF: xxxxxxxxxx UHCI xxxxxx Unable to initialize UIM" error, then my hdds turn off and it just sits there when not using the dsdt.aml... boots fine with it though...

the point is, mobo specific patched dsdt.aml files are required to successfully boot some configurations (in my experience).

what happens on the day that my current mobo dies and i have to install osx on a brand new machine? i might not be able to boot into my snow leo usb installer disk cos it might not boot on the new mobo without a patched dsdt.aml and i have no way to generate a dsdt.aml for the new mobo.

koalala's dsdt patcher is not an option cos it doesnt work on intel mobo bios roms. only on ami and award bios.

suggested solution:

what if chameleon could somehow incorporate the various known dsdt fixes and do the dsdt patching in realtime/ in memory so that a dsdt.aml for that mobo is not required to boot???

a user with a non bootable mobo could simply enable this AUTO DSDT PATCHING feature with a boot flag like "PatchDSDT=Yes"

i assume this kind of feature would increase the boot time. if thats the case, ppl can just use it once to be able to boot into osx so they can generate a pre-patched dsdt.aml which they can use on consequent boots...

even better, chameleon can write the patched dsdt to disk and use on consequent boots...

technically impossible?

this means chameleon would have to implement the functionality of ioreg right? (so it can get a dump of the dsdt table)

patching the dsdt would be easy right? (using the methods from fassl's script or something)

or am i going about this issue the wrong way?

anywho, im pretty sure there would be others who would like independence from the oppressing dsdt.aml :-)
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